Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – Koala, Kangaroo, Crocodile, Snake what more could I ask to hold

If you are in North Australia near Gold Coast and/or Brisbane, a visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a must do. This heritage-listed zoological garden in Queensland, Australia was built in 1947 and hosts a wide collection of animals and birds.

It was the most amazing zoo ever. Loved every minute there.

An amazing experience, kangaroos are such warm and loving creatures. Just as if they were some cuddly bear (though bears are only cuddly in cartoons). It was extremely exciting and we spent most of our time in park feeding them. Boys even managed to hug them. They behave more like lambs and goats.

Holding a Koala! I always wanted to hold one always since the days I had read about them as a kid. These beautiful creatures – warm and cuddly.

Holding a baby crocodile was scary, even though it’s mouth was tapped well. There was trepidation in my heart as I posed for the picture. It’s tiny movements made me jump in my skin.

And don’t even ask what it was like to hold a snake I think my face says it all I was petrified. I only did it to match the courage of my kids and to be called a cool mom. Ah the things we do for our kids. 😉

We got experience the beauty of animal kingdom up close and personal. This had us mesmerised. The kids realised how beautiful each animal is and fully appreciated the role animals play in our eco system.

There were plenty of shows with photo opportunities and touching the animals. The feeding times were educational as the keepers briefed the kids on habitats, eating and mating patterns.

This was indeed a memorable day!


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