Yahya and the drive to Mont Tremblant

Long car drives with kids are fun. With busy school routines, activities and the many cousins and friends that my kids have now had I had not been getting much talk time with them. Being in the car almost the entire day brought up interesting conversations.

The boys had been playing on the iPad in back seat when Yahya said in a loud voice

“Mama Yousuf said the F word?”

I turned around obviously very shocked. I have never used that word.

“Yahya how do you know the F word?”

Yahya looked at me with sparkle in his eyes and a very confident big smile:

“Mama everyone knows the F word”

“Yahya” my loud voice.

“Yahya do you know the F word?”

Yahya now looking perplexed and sheepish. Yousuf was staring at him said

“Yes Yahya”

“Mama I only know a little bit”

“Yousuf said it mama” Yahya trying to get attention back to his Brother.

Yousuf looked at me and said “mama I only said the S word”

“There are no S or F or any such words allowed in my family” I said in my serious, firm and unhappy voice.

“But mama all the boys use it”

I stared at the boys – Yahya quickly said, “Ok mama”

The boys went back to playing their games.

Yahya in a barely audible voice says “Holy Cow!” His eyes glued to screen.

“Yahya – what did you say?”

“Nothing mama” he said not even bothering to look at me.

“Yahya were are you learning all these strange words from?” I’m worried and very curious.

Yahya is quiet and doesn’t answer.

Sakina interrupts – “Mama it’s in the cartoons”

“No mama! The famous utubbers use it?”

“Yahya who allowed you to watch utube?” I questioned him

“Mama everyone watches utube?” Yahya trying to defend himself.

“It comes on TV referring to internet on Smart TV. You allowed us to watch TV”

“Seriously! I never allowed utube”

Yahya is defiantly added “but you said we could watch TV!”

“No utube on the TV, Ipad, laptop, phone or tablet, computer or whatever. Is that clear?” I said thinking of all the gadgets that I knew off. Knowing the boys, I expected them to mince my words.

There all the efforts I spend in keeping them busy and engaged gone down the drain. I thought to myself. Feeling guilty that I was letting boys watch TV unattended. They are allowed 1 hour of TV in afternoon and 30-45 minutes of Ipad/video games after dinner and before bed. This was the time I get to unwind and get some chores sorted.

Sometime later Yahya quite loudly said “OMG!”

Yahya do you know what it means?

Yahya now quite hesitant to answer – pauses and says “No mama I heard Raed and Nauman (his cousins) using it. This is not a bad word.”

Sakina is laughing loudly and hugs him.

“Yahya you are so cute! But only girls and that too teenage girls use this word”

“No Sakina boys also use it” Yahya insists.

“Yahya you are not allowed to use such words”, I said very firmly. These are not good words.

Yahya rolled his eyes and kept quiet.

The remaining car ride Yahya was very careful of the words he said.



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