The Quaint Village at Mont Tremblant

It was an interesting morning. We had arrived from Niagara at Mont Tremblant last night. The drive here North of Ottawa was expected to be 8 hours but it took us the entire day. It was raining and raining very heavily. There was low visibility on the highway and various traffic jams due to accidents.

We drove slowly. I had been hoping to get some writing done in the car while Sohail (my Husband) drove and the kids slept. We had left the hotel at 6 am. But I got nothing done as the rain kept me occupied. I had my eyes glued to the road the whole time. I know Sohail is a good driver but there were so many patches were we could barely see the car in front of us that I felt anxious and alert. Though I’m not sure what I could have done from the passenger seat but I felt it was my duty to keep an eye on the road.

An accident happened right next to us. We were driving slowly hence were able to break speed in time where as the cars in the left lane (fast lane) couldn’t and 8 or so cars bumped into each other. Though no one was hurt but cars were damaged.

We arrived at Ottawa in the late afternoon. We had planned to do a quick sight seeing tour but rain changed our plans. We grabbed a quick lunch and a trip for some snacks and groceries and headed on our way.

We arrived late at our cottage, absolutely exhausted and famished. The kids wanted chicken curry for dinner. Sohail and I got cooking. This was the fasted meal ever. Curry was done in record 30 minutes but the boys had dozed off by then. We had a quiet dinner and went to bed.

The boys were up at 5ish in morning and wanted breakfast. Made pancakes for the Boys while I made French Toast for myself with some fresh fruit.

We then headed out to the Mont Tremblant village. It was a bright sunny morning. Such a contrast from the cold rainy miserable weather of yesterday.

The quaint village at the foot hill of the ski slope was scenic. With many climbers going up the slope to the top we were quite tempted to go up with them. We did manage to climb first quarter of the trail, but the slope was muddy from the rain and the kids slipped a number of times. We decided to head back and not risk any accidents.

We paused to enjoy the view of the waterfalls. The gushing water over the rocks, with its sweet soothing sound of running water was a welcome break from the climb. The water was icy cold as I dipped my fingers in it. We then took the cable car to the TOP to get a panoramic view of the area.

The kids had a lovely time. There was still snow in some places at the top. The sun was hot and burned our faces but the wind was cold and chilly in the shade. Kids rolled between wearing their jackets and taking them off. We had some fun playing in the snow and then headed back down.

Back in cottage got busy with cooking. The menu was barbecued chicken with fresh green salads and nan bread.

It was a lovely day! The kids ended the day with the trip to the hot Spa in our cottage.


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