A mystical magical evening at Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

We were told that Niagara Falls looks spectacular on the weekend evenings in the summer with a display of lights and fireworks.

This was our second day here and our luck it was a Friday night. We had an early lunch and put the kids to bed in afternoon. This would help them stay up in night as the fireworks were scheduled for 10 clock. The kids were still jet lagged. They first resisted sleeping but finally finally dozed off. I had tough time waking them up.

We dressed and headed down to fall just a bit before the sunset. It was very windy. We could feel the mist from the fall at quite some distance making us shiver in our coats. We quickly walked down the road to the fall.

At the sunset the falls looked spectacular reflecting the few last glorious rays of the sun as the sky faded and turned grey. The massive loud furious waters looked serene and tranquil.

For these few moments I felt as if all that thunderous noise had faded away and there was peace. Everything in the surroundings were muted.

Many tourists like us had paused to stare at the falls. Many taking pictures, their faces glowing with the last few rays of the sun. Blissful it was!

The sky turned its various shades of pink and violet. The mist from the Niagara Falls added a pale hue to the pastel colours in the sky. The Ferris wheel in the back drop likened to sun setting in sky!

Once the sky had completely become dark the lights switched on turning the falling water to different shades of blue, green, violet and red. It was a mystical and magical.

Due to high winds the fireworks display was cancelled. We watched the display for sometime and then headed back to get dinner.



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