Yahya doesn’t want to go running alone.

Time for the running class. Yahya had changed in to his running clothes however he was now reluctant to go to the class. He ran away and hid in his room.

Yousuf (my older Son) was unwell and Raed (his Cousin) had gone off to his grandparent’s place. Yahya didn’t want to go.

“Why do I have to go alone?” he said.

“Mama is going with you, you are not alone” I said.

“Mama cannot run with me” he said looking sad

“Mama will run with you” I said trying to cheer him up and “you have other friends in the class”

We got in the car. Yahya was still looking disappointed.

He said to me “mama why do you run?”

He paused and then continued,

“You know! you are never going to win any race”

“you are SO slow” he said all in one breath.

“Yahya someone has to come last in a race, I don’t mind being the last” I said with a big smile, still trying to cheer him up.

“What is the point of running if you don’t win” he said exasperated.

“Yahya mama is practicing very hard so one day mama will win the race” I said in a hopeful voice.

He looked at me and gave me this “I don’t believe you, you must be joking look” and shook his head. He said “mama you will never win a race”

“Yahya running is fun, and mama loves running behind her little baby” and gave him a big hug and cuddle.

“Mama I’m going to be the fastest man when I grow up”

“Sure dear and I am going to be the fastest woman”, I said.

Yahya rolled his eyes at me and started laughing.

For the rest of the journey he stared out of the window. He had a small smile on his face, a kind of smirk. I conjecture that he was trying hard to imagine if his mama could really become a fast runner. And he didn’t think I could. 😉



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