Running with the kids

Giving yourself time is tough …. a real challenge. As parents we want our kids to flourish, to reach their potential and to realise their dreams. To make this happen requires tremendous amount of work, planning and energy. If you have more than one kid than it’s twice or thrice the energy and effort.

When I was going to an office for work, life felt tough and I always thought housewives had it easy. Sometimes I felt jealous, sometimes I felt sad – sad for not being able to do as much as they did for the kids.

Now that I don’t go out to an office and am a housewife life is no easier. Though it sounds strange but a portion of my day is spent pressing the button on the washing machine … I am quite serious the amount of laundry I get for 3 kids in this heat is something!!

The remaining of my day I sit in the car trying to have an intelligent conversation as I transport my kids from school to home to Swimming, running, sailing, park, gym, tuitions, friends, dinners with friends, lunches with friends, play date with friends and the list goes on.

In between the car rides I squeeze in the homework, preparing for tests and exams. And screaming “Yahya” “Yousuf” I think I no longer scream “Sakina” … not sure 😉 eat food, brush your teeth, go to sleep, come here, have your finished your work? did you pack your bag?

In all this some days are good, some days are not good. Though the kids are doing well (MashAllah se) I am struggling.

I never seem to have time for myself. My health suffers as I no longer cook, I have no time for walks, I haven’t read a book, I can barley find time to write down my thoughts.

But I am not giving up. To make my life work I have to be healthy – mentally and physically. So what do I do?

I join the running class with the kids. The coaches were amused when I asked to join. They told me “mam you just continue on your pace, no need to rush!” “Take it easy”.

The boys thought it was really funny that mama wanted to run with them. Sakina was mortified, she refused to come to the class as it’s really not cool to have your over-healthy (read quite fat) mom run with your school friends.

The Teenagers in the class first looked at me with some disdain and now they just look through me as if I don’t exist.

Personally I am terrible at running. But it sure is fun to run with kids. I am the last one to finish but who cares.

Running. 200 planks (variations), 50 burpees with push-up, numerous sit ups and lunges. I feel so old!!



  1. Good for you though for realizing you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others and the example you’re setting for your kids is awesome!!! Way to go🎉

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  2. I love this post and I can really relate. I raised my kids alone for all their lives and I NEVER had time for me. My youngest two turn 18 in 3 months time but disabilities mean that the work load is still very much there. However, I am finding time for myself now that my son stays in a special needs residential placement for some of the week.
    As for you joining your kids running class! Amazing! Good for you! Xxxx

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