As a Mother I am learning to love myself

The hardest part about motherhood is that it doesn’t come with a manual. There is so much advice on what to do and not to do that it is overwhelming. My Mother did it this way, my Mother in law did it another way, my Grandmother had her own opinions and so do my friends and their mothers and grand mothers. With all the advice you get here is my 2 cents of raising 3 kids.

Distractions are everywhere. Even the mind is noisy. It is easy to be lost especially in your smart phones.

When you are with your children, be one with them. Let every part of your body relax and become as supple as a child’s. Allow all expectation and anxiety to melt away so that you can see clearly. Love them as they are in this very moment, without needing to change a thing. Love yourself the same. You are perfect; don’t let your mind tell you otherwise, don’t doubt your efforts.

Give your children time to play without agenda, to read without purpose, to daydream without limits, and to discover without fear. Allow yourself the same.

Learning to handle the many moods and activities of life requires solitude. Do not let the demands of an overly active world rob you and your children of peace. Constant stimulation without the balance of quietness creates chaos.

It will be hard to create a quiet place where your children can find their souls. You must first quieten your own world and then approach theirs. They are accustomed to the barrage of noise and will complain loudly in its absence.

But you can find a quiet way. What can you do today? A walk? A book? A simple game?Practice meditation?

Meditation is not complicated nor esoteric. It is a natural skill, practiced in many variations. Breathe in and think, “Be . . .” Breathe out and think, “. . .still.”

Once you learn, teach your children. You don’t have to call it meditation. Call it, “being still like a mountain.” Bring forth their natural ability to remain quiet and at rest.

Yes, they can, even if for brief periods.

Can you?


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