Failure – Is Failure, Failure?

Failure. I failed. I am a failure.

Perhaps these are some of the hardest words we hear or more often we say these words to ourselves.

There use to be a time in not so distant past I said this to myself often. If I didn’t say it I just felt like one inside.

Just a few days back I had a conversation with a Friend and she used this word. Since then I have been thinking about it – Failure.

What is failure?

I remember being upset when things didn’t go as planned.

I remember scoring less marks in exams.

I remember not getting the deal at work.

I remember kids not doing well in school.

I remember many failed days.

I even remember days when even getting a 97% in an exam felt like a big failure.

I remember a time when all aspirations were for the perfect ending.

Slowly over the years I have become wiser (I think and vaguely hope). Now I know that the journey of learning is more important than the destination. Even when the destination is not reached traveling the pathway makes it worthwhile. I am who I am for all the journeys I have made not for all the destinations I have reached.


I remember, not so long ago – failure was a bad word.

I remember, not so long ago – success was about maintaining status quo.

I now know, success isn’t about repeating what happened yesterday.

I now know, success is about creating new tomorrows.

I now know, failure never lasts.

One of the promises I made to myself at the beginning of this year was to rely less and less on all the learnings I have gathered so far.

To question my beliefs on what works and what doesn’t.

To take more risks.

To explore new horizons.

To do things I have never done before.

To prioritise the soul over the material world.

This year I look failure in the eye and smile.

No more tears and no more regrets.

No more “I wish”.

No more “why me?”

When was the last time you failed?

When was the last time you celebrated failure?

And isn’t our ability to succeed directly proportional to our willingness to fail?

So, is failure, failure?


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