What is it about being woman that makes us? Happy Woman’s Day

Happy Woman’s Day.

Being a woman is not easy. Being a mother is even harder. But would I swap it for anything else … nope !!!

Yahya my little one- I have to admit after having two almost perfect angels (my older 2 children) easy to raise, accepting and responsible children I had Yahya.

Despite being a loving child he is very a difficult child. I still have no clue what style of parenting would work best for him. But despite all my struggles with him, he has taught me so much about life, about myself.

Today he refused to run. We had come to the park for a running class. Though he wanted to run (otherwise he wouldn’t have come with us) but he was upset about something. He didn’t know how to handle it. As he was upset he wanted me to be as upset as him. He cried and asked to be sent home.

What did I do as a Mother? I tried to reason with him. I tried to offer him a reward. I even tried to threaten him (yup sometimes mothers get very tired). But he only cried. Those of you who have seen him cry know that he cries very loudly, indeed.

All the kids in the class got on the track and started running. I took hold of Yahya’s hand and got on the track with him. I started running. Mama is running faster than a crying Yahya.

“Yahya look mama can run faster than you” I said barely being able to breath now. Breathless but still trying to keep up conversation.

Yahya look mama is so old and she is still running faster than you” I said trying to motivate him.

Yahya was running next to me perfectly effortlessly. He was no longer crying but still looking unhappy.

“Yahya you are really slow”

There Yahya started running faster than me, I was now panting and could barely keep up.

Yahya slowed down when he noticed I was behind him and started whining again.

My physical fitness is terrible. I could never run anyways. I had almost run 400 meters I was exhausted, my legs hurt and even my lungs hurt.

But to keep Yahya motivated I had no option of stopping. I pushed myself on. I did another 400 meters keeping with Yahya.

My words came out in spurts as I tried to encourage him to run faster and faster. My legs felt heavy as I had rocks tied to them.

Yahya now had forgotten his whining and was enjoying running faster than his huffing panting mom who could barely utter a word.

Yahya continued with his class happy that he had beaten his mom in a race.

I spent rest of the evening lying flat on the grass trying to catch my breath.

This is not my first time. Many a times I have held Yahya’s hand and done numerous activities.

I don’t know what mothers are made of. I am still amazed at the huge energy that mothers have. I have seen many mothers do amazing things, impossible things.


What is it about being a woman, a mother that makes us strong, invincible? I have no answer.

Wishing all the women a very Happy Woman’s Day!



    1. That is true… we learn when we are challenged to think more. I remember with my older kids if I said something they took it in and moved on. My little one listens, thinks and asks an question. Most of times I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge to share with him. I can never get away with just telling. He has forced me to think deeply on many issues.

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