My first 10 km Marathon

I did it. I finally did. I didn’t let myself walk I ran very slowly maybe just jogged but I did my first 10 km run. And I am so proud of myself.

I had recently discovered a blog where the author ran every day. I was so inspired. I have always wished to run.

Though I can walk long distances (20 km or more) with relative ease but I could never jog or run. I am sure it is something to do with my mind. I enjoy walking but I don’t enjoy running. New things are harder to accept especially if one is not good at them.

My husband came home with 2 tickets for the Special Olympic Marathon. One for him and other for my Daughter. I felt left out. He said he didn’t think I would have wanted to join. He was right. Did I want to join? I wasn’t sure.

In morning I was up earlier than them and I had decided that I wanted to join. Sohail (my Husband) was happy but he said we may not get a ticket. I joked with him that we were in Karachi, and running is still culturally an unacceptable thing and a very few people would actually run. I was confident of getting a ticket on the venue.

We left home early and discussed the event. He insisted that I should do 5 km and I should just walk it. I didn’t need to run at all. My husband and Daughter were both going to run.

As a child I was never allowed to run as it was considered culturally inappropriate for young girls to run. Staying at home and reading was what girls did when I was young. I don’t want the same for my daughter.

When buying the ticket I got myself a 10 km and I mentally decided I wasn’t going to walk I was going to run and jog. I needed to inspire myself and I needed my Daughter to know that one can do new things at any age. We are never too old to learn.

And I did it. At one point I almost gave up but then I shared with my Facebook friends that I was in marathon and needed some positive energy to be send my way.

I am blessed, I knew that many friends would wish me luck and cheer for me. And they did! I checked my Facebook after I finished the race and it was flooded with messages of love and encouragement.

Through out the 10 km I thought back to my school days. I was /am this overweight individual who could never run. I was terrible at sports and hence was never asked to join a team. I remember being last in all school races. I dreaded them. But though I was mortified of being made to run – I always ran.

I would console myself with the thought that someone has to come last! It’s not always about winning! It was about participation.

I would say to myself how bad can it be? I say this to myself even now when I challenge myself to learn new things.

“How bad can it be?”

Does it matter if I am not good?

During the marathon seeing me struggling but not giving up, many runners gave me thumbs up. Many shouted a word of encouragement as they went for their last lap and I was still doing the first one.

Some people (I won’t call them runners) made fun of me. One man seeing me breathless said to me “You May actually die here” I tried not to be offended. I smiled at him and said in a cheerful voice “I would die trying to finish”

The cynical people there were quite a few (all of them men) I ignored! I kept going and made it to the end!

Do new things! Push yourself to your limits. You will discover that the human body and mind actually has no limits. Freedom is exhilarating!!

Shukr Alhamdullah (thanks to the Lord) and all praise is to Allah swt for creating humans in such beauty and perfection.



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