Why do I write?

Yousuf my Son asked me “Mama why do you take so much time to write”

Sakina my teenager chipped in “and no one reads it”

I was quiet. I, at times, don’t feel sure of why I write. It does take so much time away from other things.

Today a Friend sent me a message saying how the stories I wrote inspired her to do things differently in life.

I was very touched by her kind words.

Being a working female with 3 kids I actually have very little memory of life before going to Singapore.

All I remember is the panic I felt as I was always running late for work, often had to stay in office for ridiculously long hours while hating it and would come home to sleeping kids. I missed so much of their life. I missed so much of my own life. I hardly had any friends as I had no “me” time. I used my annual leave for sick kids. I refused to travel except for work and then also as short a trip as needed as the kids were on their own. I never paused, I never gave myself a break.

Now I write to share how small things can bring immense happiness. I want to inspire people to travel and to cook. I want to inspire to pause and enjoy the moment. Enjoy staring at sea, enjoy the silence in a cave, enjoy the songs of birds. Savour every moment as it comes.

We only have the current moment; the previous one is gone and we have no idea what the new one will be like.

If you have read my post, my blog please leave me a like, and a comment. Please feel free to share my posts.

Happy reading 😊

The picture #nofilter #iphoneonly is from Tiritiri Matangi Island, Auckland New Zealand. The sea was a beautiful deep blue. I took it when getting off the boat at the island. To read my blog on the trip to the Island click the link below:

TriTri Matangi Island – place where you see happiness



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