Baking Bread – my therapy for stress

I find baking bread to be therapeutic. It is relaxing and calming. Though personally I would like to bake every day but life is refusing to give me any space. I don’t have a helper at present and it is a big challenge to manage the zillion tasks of being mother to 3 kids. This statement will only make sense if you live in a developing country. Our life is designed around helpers as it is assumed that every household will have help to do the chores. Hence a ridiculous amount of chores. Just the school pick and drop eat away good 3 hours of the day.

Well so is life not cribbing but just trying to learn to live with this.

Coming back to bread. I try to bake bread at least once a week.

This week I made Oat Barley Buckwheat Milk Bread with flaxseeds, nigella seeds and date syrup.

I often try new variations of ingredients and this recipe was inspired from a conversation I had with a friend.

My Mother had been complaining about the texture of the earlier bread. She wanted a bread with a softer crust.

I decided to go 3 grain with seeds and used milk to soak and soften the grains. I generally use whey water in my bread but didn’t have it on hand so substituted it with milk. In retrospective I think yoghurt would have been better substitute.

This bread is 50% grain with strong bread flour. To balance the salt in recipe I used Nigella seeds. I have figured with experience that these seeds give a salty taste allowing you to reduce the salt in a recipe.

This bread was flavoured with date syrup as a sweetener which gave it the added benefit of iron.



      1. Yes that is tough … I agree I hope you find someone with you tastes … it is fun to bake for friends and neighbours

        here in Karachi I have all my family so I no longer have to worry about what I make it’s all consumed…

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