Wairere Falls – Me and my Thoughts

Just 10 minutes’ drive from Matamata,New Zealand (home of the Hobbiton set) is the Wairere Falls. It is the highest waterfall in the North Island and a popular walking track in the Waikato district.

It was a day for reflection – walking up the track to see the Wairere waterfalls. When we reached the start of the track it had started to rain ever so lightly. The mid afternoon sun made its way through the broken cloud cover.

The path looked magical, winding around the forest, covered by a thick canopy of trees. The silver ferns around – gorgeous. The stones, more like boulders, covered with thick green moss showing that sunlight often didn’t make its way to the ground.

The path got wetter and muddier as we climbed up the mountain, the tree canopy getting sparse. I could hear the water rushing down the stream, thundering as it splashed on the rocks. As the trees broke, I finally got a glimpse of the water flowing rapidly down. I finally paused to look at it.

On the muddy, slippery path I treaded ever so carefully with my eyes peeled to floor. I ignored the beautiful scenery around. I absolutely dreaded falling down. It was not for the pain of twisted ankle that I feared but a muddy jacket. My white jacket it was – my biggest worry.

It reminded me of how on a daily basis, so engrossed in my mundane tasks, I ignored the beauties of life as they whizzed past me.

The excitement of seeing the beautiful waterfall, pushed me on as I conquered the challenging obstacles of the narrow slippery path with big miss covered boulders

The rain was slightly heavier now something closer to a drizzle. The thick canopy of trees helped to keep us dry.

People coming down the track told us “no point in going ahead mate it’s a bad day today” and “the waterfall is very far”. But no I had set my heart on seeing this beautiful waterfall. I was not going to quit.

The kids ran ahead of me, with caution thrown to the wind. They slipped but were back on their feet within seconds. Their clothes and hands muddy. But the excitement of seeing the waterfall pushed them on.

After trekking for over 90 minutes the drizzle was now a heavy rainfall, the sunlight had faded away, but the waterfall was still in the far distant. With a heavy heart I turned back.

Saddened for letting go of a dear dream. I still contemplated turning around and making another attempt. Like we often do for dreams so cherished. But it was wise to let go.

Water rushing past me as time rushes past every day.

Children still chattering and laughing on the way down the path. They raced to get to the bottom. Wish I could change my heart so quickly.

My disappointments not to be held to the heart but new paths to be enjoyed even when all well-thought plans failed.

A man crossed me on the way down said in a cheerful voice “good day for a walk mate” I sadly said “don’t think so”. My heart still sad from having quit half way.

In retrospective it was a perfect day for a walk.

My walk of reflection. Enjoy the moment in life. It’s ok to change plans. It’s ok to quit. It’s not the goal which matters but the process to reach the goal that is to be cherished.

On a separate note – on the airport when leaving New Zealand I found a bottled water from Wairere waterfall. I have saved this bottle as a souvenir. 😉

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