Wairere Falls – New Zealand

The water rushing down the stream, thundering as it splashed on the rocks. As the trees broke cover, I got a glimpse of the water rapidly flowing down.

On the muddy, slippery path threading ever so carefully, with eyes peeled to the floor, ignoring the beautiful scenery around.

Kind of how every day, engrossed in our mundane tasks, we ignore the beauties of life as they whizz pass us.

Excitement of seeing the beautiful waterfall at end of the journey, pushing us on as we conquered the challenging obstacles of the narrow slippery path.

Like the big goals we set for ourselves, pushing us on relentlessly in life and refusing to let us enjoy the current moment.

Life, fragile and hurried, speeding away.

#matamata #WairereFalls #walk #reflection #goodtimes #meaningoflife #waterfall #newzealand #happinessishere #goodtimesalways



  1. Tēnā Koutou! What a beautiful poem! I recently looked at some beautiful New Zealand architecture, which crosses over the traditional Māori culture and modern building techniques, would love for you to check it out! Happy Sunday 🙂

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