Travel Diary Bahrain Day 2 – The Practice Race day

Bahrain is cold. The kids had slept well in night. Yousuf’s allergy was activated with the dust in the room. The club premises were nice but the fine sea sand was everywhere. I had to give all the kids anti allergy in night and they slept soundly.

As the practice race was scheduled for the afternoon I woke them up late.

The whole team had breakfast together and it was nice to see them chatting with each other. Our youth sailors ranged from 8 years to 17 years. Yousuf is the youngest. It was delightful to see them bond.

I was helping the Coach with the registration. The sailors were registered in the race and they got to select their boats. The kids had good fun looking for boats. I was impressed to see them checking the boats out and discussing what was right or wrong about their decision.

The sails arrived mid afternoon. The kids had a lunch on the go and set out to put their sails in place. The experienced sailors helped the younger kids. I was very heartened to see such cooperation. Working as a team the sails were fixed and the boats were made ready.

The kids ran off to change into wet suits and were happy to roll their boats out to the sea.

I was invited to join the Race Committee Boat to understand how races are conducted. I was happy to learn about a sport that my kids were interested in.

By late afternoon the boats had rolled out to sea. The wind which had been pushing us off our feet in the morning just vanished. The flags were limp and not a leaf was moving. Getting a sail boat out to the race area which was good distance out to the sea was proving to be very challenging for the kids. Not all sailors made it to the start line.

Yousuf’s sail had some issues so he was stuck far away from the start line. Raed made it to the start and so did Sakina.

The wind died down and we had to call off the practice race. We headed back to the shore. The small sail boats needed to be towed back as the sun was going down and with low wind it would take them forever to get back to the shore.

The day ended the day with a trip to the mall and the kids were excited to have Mc Donald 😉



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