Travel Diary Bahrain Day 1: The trip to Bahrain

There has been nervous excitement for last 4 days in the house. We were going to participate in 24 Al Bareh International Sailing Regatta in Bahrain as part of the Pakistan Youth Sailing Team. The visas came in last minute and we almost decided not to go.

But I am glad that we did come. The kids had started sailing in July this year. With school commitments they had only been sailing on the weekend. Hence they had had limited “time on water”. Key to doing well is practise and there practise was limited. Hence the kids felt they were not ready for this event. My view was that they would enjoy being exposed to international competition.

Only trouble with early morning flights is that one cannot get enough sleep in the night. Being up early does make the day seem so much longer.

We checked in and sailed through to boarding. The kids played on their iPads in the flight and continuously munched on their snacks. Reminded me of the nervous eating that I often do. It was a short direct smooth flight.

We cleared immigration relatively quickly (it was not a rush hour). To my surprise the visa officer treated my young sportsmen and sportslady with respect (we were issued a sports visa).

We headed out to the sailing club with a stop over at Mc Donald. Our biggest excitement still is a “Halaal” Mc Donald on a trip.

We were welcomed in club with cold, gusty and chilling to the bone winds. It was a cloudy day. We weren’t prepared for such strong winds. The wind made walking difficult.

I was exhausted and cold. We checked in and I tried to get some sleep. I didn’t let the boys out of the room as it was really chilly outside. Not sure if that was such a good decision. They jumped up and down the beds. Their loud voices made me drift in and out of sleep.

We waited for the remaining team to arrive. The kids were excited to see each other. However the team captain was stressed – the sails had been left in Oman as the transit was short.

Tomorrow was the practice run.

We had dinner together and decided to call it an early day so the kids could get some good sleep.


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