International Sailing Regatta at Bahrain

My team of half asleep but nervously excited sailors. Yousuf and Raed (my brother’s) have been horribly worried “We are not ready for this they told me” “We will be last”

Me: “All I need is that you finish the race and not get disqualified.”

“It doesn’t matter if you win or not, what matters is that you participated. That you prepared to do your best.”

As we grow older and life becomes more abstract. Our wins are no longer definite. There is no reward at end of each task in life. There is no test week and no result week, there is no summer and winter break and there is no pressure at the end of the year.

However there is one skill which keeps us afloat, be it personal or professional life, the commitment to finish the daily mundane and the very important tasks. The ability to see a task through especially when it feels as if we are not winning is what defines our learning. The human soul thrives on learning and experiences.

It took me my lifetime to understand this concept I don’t want my kids to go through the same.

Here we are very nervous, couldn’t sleep much.

Our favourite questions

“mama how many sailors are participating”

“mama what time is flight”

“mama what airline are we flying”

“mama what time will we land”

“mama where will we stay”

“mama how will we get to hotel”

the endless “MAMA”

The light at the end of the tunnel-

“Mama can we have Mc Donald”

I try to resist junk as much as I can but they have free way when they travel. Guess what was the first thing we did when we landed.


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