Golden Milk and its numerous benefits

Golden Milk – as I age I feel the vulnerability of my body. I am slowly coming to terms with that I’m no longer invincible. My body is no longer able to cope with all the processed food that I have been eating for all these years. My earlier job meant that most of my meals were on the go, bought and eaten in a rush as I juggled a career, three kids and a house. While aiming to be good at these three, I was my last priority. The extra kilos that piled over the years never bothered me.

But now my body is giving up. Every good machine if treated badly will eventually fail. My body is failing I can see early signs of distress.

I am happy that I have seen the signs and I can try to fix them. As I researched for ingredients that help the body to heal naturally I came across Golden Milk.

Made with Turmeric, black pepper, ginger, clarified butter (ghee), honey and milk (Almond Milk).

Both Turmeric and ginger have healing properties which help detox the liver and support the digestive system. The active ingredient Curcumin in the Turmeric is oil soluble and requires black pepper to activate it.

Happy and healthy eating 😋


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