Travel Diaries- Sydney Day 5

Kids had been wanting to go to the beach. I admit I am not particularly fond of the beach and especially not in the summer. I was already tanned (5 shades darker) from taking the kids on their weekly sailing activities.

I decided to stay back and sort some reading/writing. Sohail(my Husband) and the kids spent a day on the beach. From the boys’ stories I could tell they had a lot of fun jumping over waves, making sand castles and running endlessly.

Sakina (my teenage daughter) just slept on a towel on the beach. She told me she really needed to get some sun on her back and catch up on her sleep. This is after she had slept through the night and woken up late in the morning.

Childhood is beautiful you can sleep through your days with no worries. We took this holiday mid school year with Sakina’s exams coming up close as we would get back home. I was worried that this was not the best time. I have learned that there never is a good time to take a break, if you let life dictate to you. We all need to a break from every day chores; to unwind, to plan for the future and to keep going. Take a break whenever you need one.

Sakina had brought her school books to study but she never did. Good thing about her is that it didn’t trouble her that she wasn’t keeping up. I decided to keep quiet. I feel she needs to learn to manage her time, and to be independent in her decisions. I need to allow her to learn. All learnings come with their stumbling blocks.

Sakina was relaxed. She was making the most of her time sleeping. She slept on the plane, she slept in the car, she slept on the couch, she slept on the bench in the park, she slept in the lobby, she slept on the beach, she slept wherever she possibly could.

With the kids gone it was a very quiet morning. I finished some writing. I prepared for the dinner. A friend came over and we chatted over a cup of tea. We talked about life in general, our children in specific, our fears and our challenges. She comforted me with her experiences as her kids were older. Her calm assured voice was soothing. I felt good knowing that I wasn’t alone in my struggles. We talked away the afternoon. It was blissful.

The kids came back tired and went to bed early. Yes Sakina still wanted to sleep. I am told this is normal for teenagers.

My Husband and I went for a walk.


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