Travel Diaries- Day 4 Sydney

The kids got up at a better time today but it was still 10 in the morning. We had been up early and had our quiet breakfast. Sohail wanted to finish some office work and I wanted to finish some writing.

Boys got up quietly and decided to make their own breakfast today. Yousuf made breakfast for Yahya. I could hear Yahya telling him how he wanted his toast, how long to leave it in the toaster, how to cut it and on which side to put the Nutella. Yahya’s instructions were precise but absolutely hilarious. They poured themselves milk and sat on the table and finished meal. The plates were neatly piled in the sink when I came outside.

We stepped out for lunch. The kids were arguing in the car. With the car navigator on arguments can be quite distracting for the driver. I was trying to make peace.

The kids were arguing over their pocket money. Sakina gets a pocket money every week. This covers the numerous snacks she eats and her “I want to eat out every day” whims. Yousuf also wanted a pocket money. He wasn’t sure what he would get with it but all his cousins got it hence he must also get it. He asked for Rs. 500 a week. He thought this was reasonable as this was what others got as well.

Yahya is the negotiator in our family. He always wants a better deal. He started off with asking for 1000$. I was laughing. “1000$ Yahya that is a lot of money”.

The kids told him papa doesn’t have that kind of money. He thought about it a bit and then reluctantly agreed to Rs. 1000. He wanted Rs. 1000 every 5 days. I thought 5 days was really smart.

Yahya doesn’t remember his days of the week, the kids were teasing him about it. “Yahya you get money on Monday and then what would be the next day for money” they questioned him. Yahya started “Monday Wednesday” “Yahya you missed Tuesday” they laughed loudly. “Mama they are making me forget the days” Yahya complained. They kept teasing him as he continued to miss a few days of the week. Finally Yahya out of desperation agreed to every week like the rest of the kids.

In the evening we went out for a walk. Yahya walked holding my hand. I asked him “will you love me forever” he looked up at me and said “yes”. He was tired and wanted to be carried. I picked him up and gave him a big hug. I asked him “when mama becomes old will you carry me”. He looked in my eyes and said very matter of factly “Mama you are too big to carry” “but I carry you all the time” I said. “I am small” he looked lovingly in my eyes with his smile that melts a mothers heart. “but you will be big when I am old” I insisted with a big smile. “ok mama” he said firmly and hugged me. Yahya loves to be carried and I love to carry him.


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