Travel Diaries – Day 3 Sydney

Kids are still jet lagged. They slept in late. We didn’t want to push them. This gave us some time to each other. I made us a quite breakfast and we talked at length about life in general and what we wanted to do as a family. It was relaxing.

This year had been exceptionally tough. Sohail moved in January and I was alone in Singapore with the kids to finish off the school year. It was tough being on my own, it was tough saying good byes to friends and Neighbours who were like family. It was tough packing the house, it was tough saying farewell to the house. I absolutely love that place.

Coming home was tough, getting kids to settle down was tough. The new routine was tough, finding help was tough. Living in an empty house was tough and not having time to sort the house was even tougher. It had been a very tough year.

The kids have started to settle down (MashAllah se) which is my biggest blessing. After constantly struggling and getting frustrated I finally accepted that things were going to take time and I had to be patient and let things be. The house is going to stay a mess but who is judging.

I started baking and cooking even though it was once a week I felt so much better. Things felt in control. I reached out to some wonderfully warm ladies and started reviving friendships.

This break is for me I needed a break. No pressure to do sight seeing, just some relaxed time doing things I like – cooking and walking.

My Best Friend came to see me and brought us home cooked food. She is such a fabulous cook and the kids were exhilarated with the Chicken curry she made. We have only been out of home for 3 days and they miss curry!

Later in afternoon we went to Sydney Olympic Park. Sakina wanted to see the field and the boys wanted to see the pool. We walked around the park. It was a cloudy day and the walk was quite pleasant.

In the evening we walked to the grocery store. Sakina went for for her run. She ran in front of us. The boys followed her. We walked slowly. Talking as the sun set on the river. Kids were happy running.

With IKEA in the mall we had to do a trip (quick trip). I absolutely enjoy wandering around IKEA looking at the neatly made rooms. We finally walked out with only 4 items. This was a big achievement. 😊

Next was the grocery store. There was “less” stuff to buy today. The kids ran back home. We walked slowly with our grocery bags.

The lightly lite path with the river flowing was mesmerising. The new moon on the horizon caught my eye. I paused. The next lunar month has already started I thought to myself. The sands of time run fast but very silently. Times goes by and we hear nothing. It is important to pause and enjoy the moment.

After dinner we watched a movie, all of us huddled and squeezed on the couch. Yahya giggled the loudest and he found everything funny. He had seen the movie before so he was giggling anticipating the next scene. His commentary was monologue and his giggles contagious.

It was a good day.



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