Travel Diaries- Sydney Day 2

Sohail asked the boys “when have you guys ever slept hungry. We always find food even in the strangest of places” Yousuf is quiet now. I could tell from his face he was thinking hard. Yahya with his sparkling eye and split second response comes up “I have slept hungry”. Sohail is taken a back and said “when did you sleep hungry” Yahya responded “on the plane here. I didn’t eat food”. He went on to insist “I always sleep hungry on the plane.” I was hysterically laughing.

The boys wanted Butter Chicken for dinner. We couldn’t find an Indian restaurant close by and had to choose Thai Food. Boys were very unhappy. They grumbled in car as we drove there. We won’t eat they insisted. It was getting late and I was worried with their tantrums. Sohail was trying to distract them.

We had spent the day (what was left of it as kids woke up very late) in the mall with Sakina and me not agreeing on what to buy. I am old fashioned in my taste in fact “ancient” is the word Sakina uses (I do agree with her though I will never admit to her). After way too many “No I don’t like this”. We finally agreed on some clothes.

My morning had started very early. I slept thinking about breakfast. Sounds strange but Im mostly thinking about food. I haven’t been this excited in a long time. I sounded like my kids going to Universal Studios. I got up to pray. The sunrise in this beautiful summer is quite early. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. I wanted to start cooking.

I tossed and turned in bed waiting for someone to show signs of getting up but the kids slept on. Still tired from the journey.

Finally I got out of bed. I started the laundry and then chopped onions, and capsicum. Sliced some strawberries. I put on the pan to roast some dry fruit.

The menu was scrambled eggs with onions and capsicum and on the side baked sweet Potato and green leaf salad. To start yoghurt with strawberries and dried fruits and nuts.

I deliberately worked slowly as I knew no one was ready to leave their bed. With the breakfast ready I woke up Sohail. The kids slept very soundly and didn’t budge even at my repeated calls. They had wanted pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. I decided to wait for them to wake up before actually making their food.

We finished our meal, too full to even want a cup of tea. I tried one last time to wake up the kids. I was now feeling quite sleepy myself. I had been up for last 5 hours.

I went back to bed and happily dropped off to sleep while planning for my next meal. In my sleep I heard the kids squealing and insisting that the pancakes were burned. I heard Sohail telling them this is how papa makes them and No they are not burned, just bit crispy. I also heard Yahya refusing to eat them. I was too tired to get up and sort the commotion.

Finally Sakina woke me up and said can you please make the pancakes? “Sure” I got out of bed. I couldn’t help laughing at the boys and Sohail making breakfast. Sohail makes lovely food but the pancakes and the kids were giving him a tough time today. But they didn’t want my help and shooed me away. I went back to bed thinking I can get another 20 minutes of sleep before everyone is done.

I could still hear some arguing and some bargaining. The deal the kids negotiated was no more eating at home today. Ah well. Time to try some new recipe I thought to myself. We had Thai food that night. Boys were adamant that they won’t like food. We ordered them Masam Curry with partha. The curry was too sweet. Yousuf didn’t eat much, he looked very sad. I tried to feed him from my plate with Sohail doing same. Sakina wanted to try dumpling soup. I wasn’t sure it was good idea but I was already tired from all the Nos I had already said so I let her be. She barely ate.

Boys were quiet in the car and quite drowsy by the time we got home. Sakina was up most of the night eating cookies and watching TV.


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