Coming Home

Good thing about coming home is that it feels like you never left. Feels as if the last 3 years were just a dream. A very happy dream I must add. We had been in Sinagpore for 3 years from my Husband’s work assignment. 
I’m welcomed with rain as the plane touched down on the airport. Karachi (my home city) gets very little rain, just a few days in a year. I’m very excited. I believe it is a good omen. Singapore had bid me farewell with one week of beautiful rain showers.
Happiness is being welcomed on the airport by your family. The kids squealing and the long hugs and kisses. It was a very late night flight and though my parents and siblings often receive me and see me off on the airport, I wasn’t expecting them today. I had been telling the kids on plane that everyone is going to be asleep and we needed to be very quiet when we got home. My boys said are you sure mom? Nano (Grandmother) is always awake. She will be on airport I was told. After my mom’s recent health issues I was hoping she would not tire herself by coming. Well I was wrong everyone was there. Yahya immediately told me “mama I told you Nano never sleeps”.

We squeezed in the one car the so many of us. The second car came empty just with luggage as everyone wanted to be together. The kids chatted away with their cousins whom they had seen after sometime while my mom was asking if the flight was ok, if all my friends in Sinagpore were good. 

In the many travels that we did to and from Sinagpore we got used to arriving at the airport and taking a taxi home. There was no one waiting at the airport. May be it is just me but having someone waiting for that hug when you walk out after a flight is just pure bliss. 

I really missed home. Walking in the door, there is a unique smell. I have figured all places have a unique smell. It is this smell that brings on nostalgia. It helps you relax immediately. I remember that when the kids had walked into Novotel hotel in Sinagpore, the first thing they said in the lobby was “mama it smells the same, like it did 3 years back”. They were delighted. 

I love the smell of my house. Coming home is the best thing in world. Coming home to your parents and siblings – there is no words to describe that feeling. It’s like being in heaven. I missed my heaven.



  1. You’re delighted to be back I bet your family feels just the same to have you back.

    I guess you’ll have few busy days to catch up with friends and family before you slow down.

    Enjoy and savour the moments…….!

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  2. So true and very true!.

    In this fast paced life one needs to slow down to enjoy simple things in life. It’s really appealing but does it really ever happens ?

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