Another rainy morning another walk

A rainy morning, another walk down the river bank. A cautious slow walk. As I carefully treaded the pathway fearing a slip. My ankle had twisted some months back, the memory of the pain still fresh in mind. I at times had trouble walking on uneven or slippery surfaces. I was scared.  

The slow drizzle clouding my glasses with tiny droplets of water. Making it difficult to see the scenery ahead. I clean my glasses and clean them yet again. Finally putting them in my bag as my clothes were now too wet to dry my glasses anymore.

I pause to take a few pictures. The scenery mesmerising. The deep green river flowing faster with the rain, the bum boats plying it breaking the water silently and cloudy leaking sky. 

No thoughts in my mind. I focus on what I see. I love this city. Beautifully planned. One of the best urban designs I have to admit. The tall modern sky scrapers with old shophouses at the street level. Reminds me of tall trees with mushrooms growing near the roots. These old structures intentionally left in place to relive the history of the place. How interesting! 

I’m in the business heart of the city but so quiet, too early for people to have come to work. Too early to start the day. Strangely these building will come to life in a few hours. Bustling with people all busy, running and juggling a zillion things that we do every day. I wonder if they pause and look out the window and see the beautiful river flowing. I wonder what they see as they rush to work every day. 

The Singapore Flyer, Esplanade (theatre on the Bay), the Singapore Art and Science Museum and the iconic Marina Bay Sands. All exquisitely designed. Symbols of a modern city, city with a future, a city which dared to dream big, dared to make things happen. From a small fishing village to this large metropolis. Wow! 

I continue my walk. The city and its beautiful architecture inspiring my thoughts and imagination. 


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