Time please stop

Another morning another walk. As I come to the end of my Singapore journey I desperately want to visit the places that were on my to go list but somehow despite the 3 years I had here; time was just not enough to do all that I wanted to do. I wonder where all the time goes. I thought I had so many days to explore Singapore but they all disappeared as dew evaporates from the leaves when the sun rises.

Life is strangely short, we have many dreams, many plans and we wait thinking we have time to achieve them. Then all that time just trickles away. I wish I could stop my time from flowing away and I wish I could go back and do the many things I had wanted to do. I wish I had never put off a thing for another day. That “another day” never came. Alas time waits for no one.

I feel each moment here is so precious but now there just very few moments left. The more I think about them the more I become determined to make the most of them. It’s never too late to start what you have left off.

The sunny morning and the shady trees made it the perfect walk. Fort Canning Park was on my list forever. We had stayed close to this park when we arrived but there was just so much to do then that we found no time to walk across the road. We had arrived in 5 suitcases one for each of us and we had the house to get up and running. I was just not prepared for it mentally. Leaving home had me sad inside and the to do list looked overly daunting.

Now that I pause and think back there is so much I could have done differently. Lessons learned and perhaps time not really lost.

As I walk over this age old site of kings’ palaces and burial places where forbidden streams flowed. I pause many a times to read the history of the place as I come across the note boards. It is strange how centuries pass people come and go. Powerful kings build large and beautiful homes. Do they know that time will leave nothing of them behind? They will be forgotten and their homes lost as time will flow on.

Some trees as old time force me to ponder over my lessons learned. I rewind the time in my mind as I see critically what I could have done differently. I make a mental note and a promise to myself to relax and enjoy my time.

Time is the most precious of the blessing we have and perhaps the easiest to ignore in zillion chores that we do every day.

I say to myself something quite silly that I just made up walking in this place where time seems to have stopped.

Time time please don’t fly away.

Please stop I need to enjoy you a bit more.

Time please don’t go.

For your ” bye bye” is forever.

Time I haven’t had my “Full” yet.

I haven’t talked enough with my friends.

I haven’t laughed enough.

I haven’t seen all the places I wanted to see.

I haven’t walked to my hearts’ content.

O time please stop!

Please come back!

I have many things to do.

Many things to do differently.

I am happy that I had the time to have these thoughts about Time.



  1. Returning home ‘with fond memories’ which would last more then 3 years of your stay in Singapore.

    Isn’t that funny one decides to see some places when one’s stay has come to an end. I don’t know why we leave it to the last moment. Is it because there importance is not as significant but why we wouldn’t we leave without seeing them?

    One adventure ends but new adventure will start soon. Life goes on…..

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