Walk down the river bank

Early morning, walking down the river bank, continuously looking up at the tall building standing like giants guarding a city of secrets and a city of wonders. 

I had looked out of my room window and debated whether I would go down for a walk on the very inviting river bank. The sky was over cast and it was going to rain surely. My umbrellas were packed with rest of my luggage and gone, this was another thing that I had forgotten to keep aside before the packers arrived. We are moving back home. 

The packers arrive like a swarm of bees and they pack swiftly. Though very like the busy bees but you don’t hear them buzzing. They pack quietly. One in each room and me running between the rooms trying to remember the numerous instructions I thought I would be able to give them. Before I knew the house was packed in to brown boxes. 

When I had newly arrived in Singapore I would refuse to go out in the rain as it looked daunting. The dark clouds and heaviness of the sky made me fearful. I was scared of getting wet or slipping in rain. Today the thought of rain didn’t bother me. I didn’t mind being soaked anymore. Actually it is nice to be soaked in the rain. The drops of rain falling on ones face as one tries to keep ones eyes open and look at the sky is something to be experienced. Rain lifts the soul. It washes away the fears. I felt calm inside. 
I had barely walked ten minutes when the rain started. Small droplets of water falling down on my face, making my glasses wet. I took off my glasses and put them in my bag. 

I noticed that the trees looked more beautiful in the rain and the river had this beautiful reflection of the greenery as it flowed a bit faster with the rain. I continued to walk but more slowly now. People out on their morning run or jog crossed me, I thought to myself they are not troubled by the rain at all. What harm can a bit of rain do. 

The drizzle turned into a heavy downpour and I decided to take shelter. I looked up at the sky it looked like it was clearing up. 

I had many thoughts racing through my mind. I decided to let my mind be free and not to anchor on any thought. Let all thoughts flow like traffic flows on a highway, with great speed. I focused my energy on taking in the trees and flowing river. 



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