Time to close this book

Finally it was time to leave the house. As I walked through each room I paused to glance one last time out of the window to catch one last glimpse of the beautiful scenery, too emotionally drained to take any pictures of what I saw. I had spent many happy hours especially on a rainy day looking out of these windows. 

I strangely loved looking at the buildings across from me. So fascinated by the structure and I always pondering on what went through the mind of the architect when he drew the design of this building. 

Did he know that it would bring immense pleasure to people like me who marvel at human mind’s ingenuity. Each building stacked up to allow for maximum air and light to the unit. The beautiful landscaping especially the use of water bodies like ponds to camouflage the ventilation to the basement. 

The building’s design intriguing for all that saw it. The taxi Drivers often called it the “lego building” or “container building” some even called it “The Coffin building”. All these years when I sat in taxi I told them I wanted to go to building that looks like lego blocks and they knew where to take me. It often started some very interesting conversations. 

Designed to perfection and maximum utility this “lego building” of 1,100 units had a “heart”. I had met my Neighbours in this “heart”. The building is designed such that all buildings open and/or lead to a center allowing Neighbours to criss cross each other on a daily basis and hence foster friendships. I love this design feature. My kids played here and made many friends.
The building complex is massive and at full occupancy. It has around one thousand families, all living in harmony with each other. Though it is huge but it felt intimate. It felt homely. It was my home. 

As I took one last look, tears rolled down my cheeks, I pulled close the curtains on the window. I walked across the floor and shut the door behind me. Time to bid farewell to this house. I said a silent prayer that may this house continue to bring joy and happiness to all its occupants. 

Time to close this book. I have the same feelings that I have when I read an exceptionally good book I just don’t want it to end. I always try to savour the last few pages by reading them many many times over just to relive the moments. 
This house was an exceptional book and I felt sad finishing it. I savoured my last moments and then walked out to the door. With my bags packed I was ready for the next exceptional book of life.



  1. I have recently seen in London this type of structure, blocks on top of each other at an angle not on this giant scale though, can’t remember the location, will post picture if I happen to see it again. Soon I saw it, it reminded me of your location. What a unique structure.

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