Sleep – sometimes all you need is a good nap

I remember a Friend in the university telling me that if things get too much to handle sleep. Everything seems much better after a good nap. 
With his words ringing in my ears, I kept thinking to myself but how do I sleep when there is nothing left in house to sleep on. One of the many challenges of moving a house is that if you keep some stuff back you have to throw it away. So between throwing stuff and shipping it off I choose shipping everything off. 

With my bare expanse of beautiful sparkling white tiles and white walls which merged to make the room seem endless. The floor just cleaned and reflecting light from the big balcony window kind of dazzled. I couldn’t help but notice that I had nothing to sit down on. 
I had kept putting off my fatigue and as the day grew on I felt more sad inside. I had said farewell to a few more friends and with each farewell I felt the loss even more. I know that farewell are not good byes forever but they are hard nevertheless. With each long hug and repeated hugs as tears welled up in our eyes, we tried to comfort each other that we would stay in touch. 

In the afternoon back in the house I noticed in kitchen that I had asked for some cartons to be left behind. Finally I had my bed. With a school bag full of happy memories and good wishes from the classmates and Teachers for a pillow I fell off to sleep. I slept soundly. I think happy pillows give you happy dreams. 

I felt at peace to be able to sleep for one last time in my house. We humans are very emotional, we easily attach ourselves to things around us and we continue to linger our thoughts in them, to cherish the last few moments. I cherish my last moments in my house. Tomorrow it will no longer be my house. I know that tomorrow will be a tough day. 

I focus on one day at a time. I take each moment as it comes. I allow myself to be sad as it is ok to be sad. I’m not unhappy. Just sad for parting with good friends. 



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