Time for the next adventure 

As I walked in the lobby of the hotel, I couldn’t help but notice that it smelled the same. I am flooded with memories. We started our Singapore adventure 3 years back from this very hotel. Tired and exhausted after long emotional flights as we left home, loved ones and walked in to a land with no friends and family. It was tough to leave home. We checked in tired jet lagged and though we were tired we knew that we had so many things to do and couldn’t rest now. We came just with our suitcases packed with clothes, shoes and a tea set (my wedding tea set which I had never used before. My mom packed it as she insisted it was time to use it. She strongly believes that tea in good crockery makes a home).

We had rented an apartment but it was empty. We needed to buy stuff we started with fridge, washing machine dishwasher and TV. The next whole week we walked out of hotel early in morning and returned late in night as we toured the city going in and out of shops looking for stuff to fill our empty apartment. 

My Husband was set to leave for another country and I just had thes few days to sort many things. Finally with some rented furniture, a Husband traveling me, three kids and my mom moved in to apartment. All I remember is anxiety I felt. I was scared of not knowing people. 

Today when I think back these have been the most amazing 3 years of my life. I was blessed with strangers offering help, strangers becoming friends and Neighbours becoming family. 

Today as I write this, tears in my eyes, we now leave home and family again. Time for the next adventure is here.



  1. Good afternoon Laila, Its shumaila here …u r blessed with writing and cooking skills..hope to read more from ur journey. Best of luck Shumaila.

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