Decorating cake

Sharing pictures of the cake I made today. 

I thought it was time to polish my cake decorating skills…. a cake that tastes great is not as good as the one that looks pretty splendid. 

The front of cake

The instructor, the lovely Amy, was most patient and generously kind to help me achieve this. Thank you Amy. 
My favourite part the teddy bear …💕

Have to admit I’m quite handicapped when it comes to decorating with fondant as my warm hands melt it fast, making it ridiculously challenging to work on finer details. After washing my hand a few hundred times (no exaggeration here) to get the sticky fondant off them and perhaps to make them cold. I have achieved a lot in a day as this comes from someone who barely passed in art in school and still cannot draw much or cut a straight line for that matter (with a ruler).
The back of cake …
Need to find gloves I have heard they have a special kind for people like me who have warm hands. 😉



  1. Splendid! Splendid! Splendidl!, it really does look splendid!.

    In your words, a good cake not only tastes good but looks or need to look good too. It’s true that before we sample or taste the cake we taste it with our eyes first, so if the cake looks good we assume that it would taste good too. Cake is all about decoration and of-course taste.

    You’ve achieved amazing results despite the heat in your hands and in Singapore generally.

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