Super Easy Naan Bread Recipe

Many of my friends have asked me for a recipe for naan bread. As I was working on the recipe for this week I thought this would be the perfect thing to share. 

The naan bread, fresh out of the oven.

The word naan comes from the Persian word ‘non’ which means bread. In Turkic languages, flatbread is also known as naan.

The ingredients all set to make the naan bread

Sitting down for dinner with naan and mutton curry, I was curious to know the history of naan. I researched on the internet and learned that naan can be traced back to the 14th century, making it younger than its Middle Eastern counterpart, the pita.

The beautiful balls of dough all ready to be rolled out and naan to be made

The first mention of naan is recorded in history by the Indo-Persian poet Amir Kushrau in 1300 AD. In his writings, he refers to it as “light bread.” It was said to be cooked at the Imperial Court in Delhi as Naan-e-Tunuk (light bread) and Naan-e-Tanuri (cooked in a tandoor oven). During the Mughal era, from around 1526, naan was accompanied by keema or kebab, which was a popular breakfast.

Gently flatten out the dough using your fingers, don’t knock out the air from the dough. The air helps keep the naan soft and chewy.

What is it about naan bread that makes it the most popular form of flatbreads. Is it the soft, pillowy and chewy texture or the mild flavor that makes any curry seem so much better?

The lovely golden colour of the naan bread, so inviting, cannot wait to dip in the curry.

To read the recipe and see step wise pictures please click the link below:

Naan Bread



  1. Bread looks beautiful, nice and golden brown and you topped it up with sesame seeds,like cherry on a cake.

    Would you be kind enough to send me the smell of your bread in a spray bottle.

    Aroma of freshly baked bread is irresistible, make house a home to come to. I can smell the aroma here, wondering what it would like in your house more to the point in your kitchen.

    Liked by 1 person

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