Courgette Aubergine Cake

A dear friend asked me to make a vegetarian meal for her daughter. I had almost never eaten vegetarian (if potato chips were to be excluded). I frantically searched for recipes. It had never occurred to me, to ever make anything without meat, but that’s another story. 

The Courgette Aubergine Cake- a delightful slice !

In my search for the perfect vegetarian dish, I came across this recipe in the Guardian newspaper. It looked beautiful in pictures and I thought to myself: “This is sure to impress a crowd”. I didn’t get to make this recipe for her as I couldn’t find courgettes that day; a strangely “Singaporean” phenomenon of not finding an ingredient that you desperately seek in any of the shops that you visit. 

The mysterious Courgette- I now wonder why I had not tried this before, so much time wasted.

This was my first time cooking with a courgette also know as a zucchini. I remember picking up my first courgette thinking it was a cucumber on one very hurried day as I tried to wrap up groceries before the kids got home. I said to myself: “Cucumber sure looks different in Singapore”. I sliced through it with the same thoughts and it wasn’t a cucumber, but I had no clue what it was. Eventually I threw it away as I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t even know its name. Well, today I’m wiser I must say, (I hope).

To read on my thoughts and the recipe please click the link below:
Courgette Aubergine Cake



  1. Takes me back. . . . . when you shared cauliflower cake recipe.

    Did I follow that recipe? O, yes I did and send you picture as well. I think I just didn’t jazz up with onion rings as run out of them.

    Courgette & Aubergine are not a regular ingredients or everyone’s cup of tea but very versatile. This cake is a great way of introducing aubergine and courgette to . . . .

    Looks scrumptious! and I’m sure tastes even better!.

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    1. Yes you did send me recipe. This one takes a bit of effort but seriously really worth the effort. You may want to half the recipe as this one makes a good 8 to 9 inch cake. I loved the crispy roasted Aubergine slices … luckily I had grilled more than the recipe otherwise I would have run short for the cake. They taste better than potato crisps… perfect crisps you can even just dip those in yoghurt as a dip … snack or starter sorted… will look forward to your pictures


  2. The cake looks lovely. I am used to many vegetarian dishes, but I didn’t know zucchini. Lol. I too thought it to be cucumber. Later, I found the difference. I love zucchinis stuffed with rice and meat.

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