Drink Your Selfie

“Selfie on the Drink” – a novel concept indeed. All my friends were super amazed when I shared the pictures with them – “my picture on my coffee”. Cool my daughter said. 

Our Selfie on the coffee…. all ready to be drunk. Strange I thought to myself. How do you drink your own image?

There were 4 of us, and the excitement was phenomenal – the photo-snapping, dreading the use of the straw to disintegrate the image; all of us taking pictures of the picture! 

The ice cream looking delicious in picture. The logo of the magazine for which I wrote this article.

What is this fascination of ours with selfies? I admit … I’m perplexed. Data on the web suggests that a staggering 93 million selfies are taken worldwide each day. The human desire for pictorial representations of the self apparently goes all the way back 4000 years, when humans dipped their hands in paint and made prints on cave walls. It can be argued that the selfie is simply an evolution of the need for approval and self-affirmation of social animals like human beings.

The molten red lava cake.

We humans love to look at ourselves! People naturally glance at a mirror. We pay more attention to a person’s face than anything else about them, both online and offline. 

As per data from Facebook and Instagram, we appreciate seeing a human face more than any other visual content.

Combine this with the human love for control, and selfie-craze makes perfect sense. The amazing front-facing camera in smart phones allows us to take our pictures exactly like we want them to turn out! And that, too, on our own, and as many as we want at a time. Bring photo editing software into the equation, and we can manipulate lighting and angles to look like a movie star.

To read on please click the link below:

Drink Your Selfie
The article appears in Fuschia magazine based in Singapore. 



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