Delicious Milk and Honey Bread to start your day

In 2016 I gradually moved more and more towards making my own food at home. Though there were several reasons for this like the home cooked food tastes better, is more nutritious, is cheaper than store/restaurant cooked food but the main reason for me was that it is preservative free. 

It all started with the bread. Every time I ate a piece of store-bought bread, I would get worried about the big dose of preservatives I was consuming. I read the ingredients on bread’s packaging and it had me very worried. All these chemicals -I wondered what impact they had on our family’s health. 

I started to experiment with making bread at home. Homemade bread tasted better, was inexpensive and needless to say preservatives free. Moreover I personally found kneading bread to be very relaxing. 

The smell of the bread baking in the oven is heavenly. But what I love even more than the smell of freshly baked bread is cutting it open while it’s hot, and slathering butter and jam all over a steaming piece of crusty, golden goodness.
To read more click the link below:

Milk and Honey Sandwich Bread



  1. Read the article on PHARL I would say…..

    I think what’s put most people off of baking homemade bread is the thought ….. being a bit technical, needs to be an expert or require expertise but your recipe and illustrated pictures shows its not that difficult.

    Most if not all of us have oven these days and if recipe is that simple and easy to follow with illustrated pictures then I think we should all make an effort at least once in our lifetime to experiment and smell and taste freshly baked homemade bread.

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