Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

I have no clue why I started on this crazy project though I have a faint recollection it was something to do with the amazing cookies I ate in London. So for almost all of December I had been working on a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I was looking for the “perfect” chocolate chip cookie with the crisp on the outside and chew inside. My task was to find an easy and no fail recipe so everyone could make it. I am on this quest to find recipes that one can breeze through as life gets busier by the day.

However, I faced a small problem I got distracted quite easily. Though I need to add most of us would get distracted if they flipped through cooking books, blogs and websites looking at the amazing pictures of food for hours at a stretch. Some pictures are just mesmerising. 

Homemade chewy inside and crispy outside chocolate chip cookie.

Aha so what started as a search for the chewy and crispy chocolate chip cookie turned into a month’s extravaganza of desserts. I made chocolate pudding (aha this was insanely good), shortbread cookies, cranberries and orange biscuits, triple chocolate chip cookies, other kinds of cookies and so the list went on. I found some amazing dips and dinner ideas also in the process.

Last week I almost quit doing the experiments as when I got on the weighing scale I was quite alarmed to see that my weight goals had gone haywire. I am sure all my new year resolutions on what I will eat were already scraped. My yoga teacher definitely did not look happy when we met this week.

Chewy inside, the melting chocolate chips.

I ate all the cookies telling myself how could I fix a recipe if I didn’t eat it? It’s ok to eat one but some of these were so good I just kept coming back for more.

Today morning I got up really early to get some baking done before the boys woke up and it got too noisy to take any notes while baking.

I am so pleased to share that the recipe today looks encouraging. This cookie looks somewhat close to what I was trying to get. Taste is good not too sweet, it is crispy on outside though I did make a note that it needs to stay in oven for another 2 minutes and chewy inside. Have I perfected the recipe no not at all. I think the base recipe is good but it still needs a few more attempts till it’s all documented properly and I have a recipe I can share.

So in case you were wondering what I was up to .. I was very busy with my glass of milk and a heavenly chocolate chip cookie. After all a glass of cold milk is just perfect with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. And it kind of takes away the guilt as it’s so healthy.

I start again tomorrow. 😉



  1. Sometimes startling is tough but is the most important ingredient. let’s face it, it can be and often is our fear of making mistakes that hold some of us back. Doing it what makes it happen. . . secret or no so secret ingredient.

    Action camera re-take number (?) appreciate your efforts . . . . It doesn’t need to be complicated so we can all share and make it

    Personally, it looks just right but your enthusiasm for striving for perfection is something I do really appreciate and is commendable.

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  2. I anxiously await the recipe – nothing beats a fresh-from-the-oven homemade cookie! Please do share once you’re happy with the final product – the pictures are already mouth-watering 🙂

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