Rain, what harm could a bit of rain do? 

The coming of a storm!

Walking down one of my favourite trails, I was enjoying the lovely deep green color of the sea. The dark clouds which I had not noticed when I left home, were now causing me to worry. I had no umbrella today and my mind was preoccupied with the thought of my phone and wallet getting wet! I was already too far from home and there was no shade nearby. I was wondering if I should call it a day.

Singapore, otters
A family of three otters, gliding through the water, playing games; not a worry in world. Did the coming storm trouble them I think to myself?

As I looked down the bridge I saw a family of otters. The carefree swim, not a worry in world. Twisting and turning in water, gliding gracefully sometimes on the back and sometimes on the tummy. Disappearing under the water and coming back up. I watched them  play games. Slowly they made their way deeper into the sea and disappeared. Did the storm cause them any worry? But they were already wet I told myself.

Singapore, Labrador Park trail, walk
Looking out to beautiful green sea as the dark clouds gather above.

What harm could a bit of rain do I ask myself? Look at the beautiful sea and the dark clouds. One never gains anything by playing safe, I tell myself. Be brave. No running back!

The breeze stops, there is perfect calmness in air. Everything is still. Not a leaf moves on the trees. I pause to take a few pictures.

Not a leaf moves on the trees. Perfect stillness!

The winds starts blowing; first warm and then cool. The smell of the rain hits me. A beautiful smell. As I pause to let in the smell, it awakens my senses. A deep breath. I pause.

The view of the sea, its aqua green color, mesmerising!


Then the heavens open up. Tiny droplets of water falling on my face. I look up to see the skies. From a slow drizzle to heavy downpour within seconds.

I am reminded of my childhood play in the rain. No restrains, no worries, no concerns about slipping or belongings getting wet. Running, screaming and squealing with delight. Such freedom! Wish I could be free again.

Singapore, trails to walk
The tanker far out in the sea reminding me that I was not alone, it was a busy sea!

Nostalgically I slowly walk back home in the rain, treading carefully not to slip, under a canopy of trees trying not to worry about my wallet and phone getting soaked.
I’m happy to share that though I was drenched by the time I got to some shade, the phone and wallet were dry.



  1. I like the rain but for different reasons . . . .

    I want to go outside, in the rain
    It may sound crazy
    But I want to go outside, in the rain
    ‘Cause I, I think I’m gonna cry
    And I, I don’t want you to see me cry

    Liked by 1 person

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