Some random thoughts as I walk on Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Early morning just as the sun had started to break the sky. The darkness slowly faded away as the light crept in welcoming a new day.

I walked down the beach, the white sand under my feet. My feet sink in as I continue to move on. My thoughts are bewitched by the beautiful shades of the sky some pinks, some purples and their reflection on the water. So alluring! Both seeming as one, no line to see where the horizon begins or ends. Magical! One large canvas of colors!

On the other side tall buildings, clustered together, standing like giants guarding a city of dreams.

No waves come to this shore, the sea is quiet, so unlike the sea. Just tiny swells of sea water caressing the beach, making a low melody. Not a sound of modern day life – a strange and eerie silence.

Across the sea I see another “big dream” being built. I wonder what it will look like when it’s completed. A monstrous Ferris wheel! To my mind it looks pretty with the backdrop of the pinky blue skies. A masculine form with a feminine background, going hand in hand.

I walk on in the company of my thoughts, scared that the passerby may just hear them.

#dubai #dubaimarina #thoughts #beach #walk



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